# v0.0.4

  • Fix lib subfolder not published
  • Add license declaration
  • Add CHANGELOG file

# v0.0.5

  • Add tap to dismiss popover
  • Add tint color (with blending) for easy date picker styling
  • Add support for custom title position (left, center, right)

# v0.0.6

  • Fix README

# v0.0.7

  • Add 'theme-styles' prop to calendar for theming
  • Remove a number of '...-style' replaced by theme-styles object
  • Renamed 'select-mode' prop to 'mode' for datepicker

# v0.0.8

  • Add support for installing via CDN
  • Add licensing and copyright to README
  • Fix vertically centering header title
  • Fix styling bug with date picker
  • Fix setup instructions

# v0.0.9

  • Add support for more flexible month/year navigation
  • Fix popover visibility bug
  • Fix styling bug in date example

# v0.1.0

  • Add navigation pickers in calendar headers

# v0.1.1

  • Add documentation for custom theming
  • Restructure docs component hierarchy
  • Remove lib files from git tracking
  • Fix layout bug in calendar pane
  • Fix event forwarding for date picker