# v0.3.0

  • Add support for accepting various defaults when calling Vue.use(VCalendar, { ...defaults... })
  • Set default calendar pages to best show date picker values
  • Fix issue where inline date picker would not respond to is-expanded. Fixes #8.
  • Dismiss popovers on navigation month select and date selection. Fixes #9.
  • Fix issue where popover content not properly layered. Fixes #10.
  • Add locale detection and support user-supplied locales for month/weekday labels. Fixes #11.

# v0.3.1

  • Fix bug with duplicate events being fired. Closes #15.
  • Fix application of styling for date pickers when not inline. Closes #17.

# v0.3.2

  • Fix styling bug introduced by v0.3.1.

# v0.3.3

  • Fix duplicate input event for inline date picker