# v0.4.0

  • Fix weekday labels not always having same exact width
  • Add support for complex attribute dates. Closes #7 and #12.
  • Add support for attribute excludeDates, date picker availableDates. Closes #19.
  • Add support for endless date ranges using null for start/end dates. Closes #20.
  • Add support for attaching custom data to attributes via customData property. Closes #21.
  • Add Turkish locale.

# v0.4.1

  • Use local nextTick reference, deleting Vue scope dependency.
  • Fix null attribute bug in date picker.

# v0.4.2

  • Convert event names to all lowercase to support in-DOM templates. Closes #26.

# v0.4.3

  • Fix bug for duplicated weekday label keys. Closes #28.