# v0.6.0

# Bug Fixes


  • Bug: fromPage and toPage not updating when new date was assigned or selected. Fix: fromPage and toPage are updated when new value is assigned, if needed. Closes #51.
  • Bug: When clearing out input element, infinite start and end dates selected. Fix: When clearing out input element, date is cleared or reverts to previous value, depending on is-required prop or if dragging in "range" mode. Closes #54.

# Improvements

  • Add Finnish translation to locales v-calendar

# Slots

  • Rename popover-header slot name to day-popover-header to more clearly identify slot target
  • Add day-popover-footer slot for day popover footers
  • day-popover-header, day-popover-footer and custom popover slots accept day prop instead of day-info prop

# Events

  • Rename dayselect calendar event to dayclick to more clearly indicate DOM event source

  • Modify parameter structure for day events (dayclick, daymouseenter, daymouseover, daymouseleave). Instead of passing multiple parameters in order (and having to remember the right order), there is now a single object parameter with the following properties.

    Property Type Description
    day Number Day number (1 - 31).
    dayFromEnd Number Day number from the end of the month (1 - 31).
    weekday Number Day weekday number (1:Sun - 7:Sat).
    weekdayOrdinal Number Weekday ordinal position from the start of the month (1 - 6).
    weekdayOrdinalFromEnd Number Weekday ordinal position from the end of the month (1 - 6).
    week Number Week number form the start of the month (1 - 6).
    weekFromEnd Number Week number from the end of the month (1 - 6).
    month Number Month number (1 - 12).
    year Number Year number.
    date Date Date for this day.
    dateTime Number Result of calling date.getTime() for this day.
    inMonth Boolean Day lies in the currently active month.
    inPrevMonth Boolean Day lies in the month before the currently active month.
    inNextMonth Boolean Day lies in the month after the currently active month.
    attributes Array List of attributes for the day involved with the event.
    attributesMap Object Object map of the attributes using their designated key.
    event Object Original trigger event.


# Props

  • Add is-required prop to v-date-picker to prevent null date selections. Closes #45.
  • Replace input related props (input...) with input-props object as a catch all for all props to apply to input element.
  • Replace select-color and drag-color props with tint-color. Opacity is set to 0.5 when tint-color is applied to drag-attribute.
  • Add disabled-attribute prop.

# Defaults

  • Replace input related defaults (datePickerInput...) with input-props as a configurable default function or object.

# v0.6.1

# Bug Fixes


  • Prevent bug causing infinite update cycle loop and locking the browser when using disabled-dates. Closes #61.

# Improvements


  • Improve efficiency of date intersection detection logic.

# v0.6.2

# Bug Fixes

v-calendar Fix bug when using max-page with single-paned calendars. Closes #64.

v-date-picker Force delay when navigating pages to prevent display of empty calendars. Closes #52. Fix bug when using supplying default dateFormatter and dateParser. Closes #62. Fix bug resulting in date selections getting ignored. Closes #66.

# Improvements

Replace icon fonts with svg icons. Closes #59.

# v0.6.3

# Bug Fixes

Use svg icons for left and right year group arrows in navigation pane. Closes #69.